I decided to take a little time this evening to put together a post of a few happenings around the homestead as of late.
If there were to be a sound track to my life today it would be that iconic John Denver tune, Thank God I'm a Country Boy!
"Well life on the farm is kind of laid back, ain't nothing an old country boy like me can's hack. Its early to rise, early in the sack. Thank God I'm a country boy!
A simple kind of life never did me know harm, raising me a family and working on my farm. My days are all filled with an easy country charm. Thank God I'm a country boy!"
In case you are wondering, that is a chicken snake I am holding here. Its head is on the ground and I am six feet one inch. This is not uncommon around here to find them this big and bigger. I really did not want to coup de gras this fellow, but he had made his home too close to the house and way too close to the hen house! Let me be clear; I do not like snakes, but I do not believe in killing all snakes either. They have a right to exist, and to co-exist with us. If it were not for snakes (especially rattle snakes) the world would be over-run with rodents. That being said, we have a strict no slither policy around the house and surrounding areas, that law carries a capitiol punishment.
Between the consistent warm weather and the timely rains, the garden is thriving! Problem is the weeds are thriving too. A garden is analogous is some ways to a football game. When I was in high school, it would have been really easy to win every football game I played if the other team was content to let do so. What makes football challenging? The answer is simple, competition.
Why is it that we do not simply plant seeds in the spring then go pick big, beautiful, produce, from the garden, all season long? The answer is simple, competition. Weeds and crops are in direct competition. There are only so many nutrients in the soil, and what ever organism gets the most of what it needs, wins. If the weeds win, than all those hours of plowing, tilling, raking, conditioning, planting, praying and weeping would be for nothing! Therefore, the weeds have to go.
I spent most of the day friday waging war on the weeds in our bourgeoning garden. The tiller does a pretty good job uprooting the weeds, but the hoe and rake have plenty left to do. Still, nothing will get all of the weeds out like getting on your knees and using your hands.
From right to left is Stuttgarter and white onions, red potatoes, then English peas on the left.

After last summer, I will never complain about cutting grass ever again! I did a little bit of mowing around the garden this evening. The six foot finish mower does a beautiful job, that and driving my tractor is a deeply cathartic experience for me. For some reason, my wife enjoys taking pictures of me on the tractor. Perhaps, just maybe, she thinks my tractor is sexy? Sorry, I just couldn't resist!
Here is Max the Beagle.
This is also Max. Mattie May recieved a big box of beautiful sidewalk chalk for Easter, and we just could not resist tracing a beagle on the concrete. Then we could not resist tracing Mattie May either.
Mattie May adores Max and doggone if they are not just the cutist pair! She loves the animals, and is not the least bit intimidated by any of them, just like her daddy.
I just couldn't resist using this photo to wrap up. How could there be too much to complain about if my beautiful family is smiling like this. Here is hoping each of you have a wonderful weekend, and find time to enjoy the simple pleasures!
Happy Trails,
(Photography by Sarah ward)
5/19/2022 09:14:23 pm

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