In the immortal words of King Soloman, "For everything there is a season..." This has been a time of changing seasons for our little family these past few weeks. Yesterday was the first time in five years that I have not been a pastor of a church. It was odd to say the least! We also finished moving yesterday which was very trying to our nerves and our health. While we are thrilled to be moving to the ranch after a year of waiting, it was also strangely hard and emotional to leave the house that we brought our little girl home to from the hospital a year and four months ago.
And of course I know that where ever we are as a family is where home is, but places are significant and anyoine who argues that is probably lying. Its tought to leave that familiar. It was tought when Abraham and Sarah set out for a new land in Genesis 12. It was tough for those first pilgrams to leave Europe for the America's to be able to live the lives they felt called to. It was tough for thiose first pioneers who headed west to build a homestead out of the cold prarie, and its tough for us too, but like those who have gone before we know it is for somethiung far better. A home of our own, to train a new generation of pioneers seeking lives of integrity and service to a loving God!
So, yes it is true that I gave up a pastorate of a good church, but I know that God has plans for me to come, and for right now to minister to my family. And yes, we left a comfortable house to live in a space roughly 280 square feet in size while the rest of our house is gutted out, we know something far better is underway. If God wills it, one day the house will be finished, it will be filled with children, some ours biologically and some ours through God's love in adoption. God willing, the ranch will grow and flourish. God willing, we will get to be a small part of something much bigger than ourselves,and leave a lasting legacy that gives glory to the Lord and is blameless in the sight of men.
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6/23/2023 06:13:55 pm

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