Been re-watching one of my all time favorite movies this evening, The Last of ther Mohicans, Staring Daniel Day Lewis.
I have always thought this poster is quite iconic.
There are a lot of things I like about this film: For one, I really enjoy Daniel Day Lewis. The man is a trrememdous actor and he has only gotten better with age. As dark as it was, There Will Be Blood by the Coen Brothers really demonstrated his talant. 
Another thing about this film I really enjoy is the cinematogrophy. You can tell the landscape is real; it is not a sound stazge and it is absolutely gorgeous!
It makes me wish that I could have enperienced America at that time. when the land was wild and untamed. 
It was a time when life had no false pretenses of security. Life could be and often was cut short in ways that most of us would never imagine these days.
It was also a time of unparalleled freedom; a man could make his own way in this world. If you had the determination to walk into the wilderness and carve out a life in it, that was your choice.
I believe Hawkeye (Lewis) said it best. When asked how he could plan to go west when there was a war in the land, he said, "Its simple, you head north, then very sudden like you turn left..." If a man had a notion and a will he did it.

If  I am really honest,  I have to admit that I want to be like Hawkeye. I want to make my way in this world unincumbered by the expectations of others. I seek to be free of tyranical government that says one thing and does another. I desire to be free of dependence on anything other than the grace and provision of God almighty. As H.D. Thoreau said, "To live life deliderately.... and suck all the marrow out of life..."

That being said, I have tio pose a question. "Is it possible for a man to live life this way?" I do not know about you, but I sincerely hope so. More so, I intend to spoend the rest of my life finding out

Living Deliberately,

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