So, we came out of the house after lunch time today, to head back to work, when Sarah noticed our one remaining Rhode Island hen was in the brooding box. Sarah said something to her and when she moved we found this!
In case you can't make out exactly what it is, that is a perfectly shaped, large, brown egg.
What is exciting about it is this is the 1st egg we have ever gotten from one of our own chickens! It might seem dumb, but to us, this is really exciting!
Thats Lucky. Lucky was named by Danny, one of the men from our church. She is named Lucky, because well..., she is one lucky chicken. When Lucky first arrived as a day old chick, she had 15 siblings. At first, heat lamp problems brought about the untimely dimise of some of her siblings, then one by one, due to various varments, the flock was thinned. Alas, one day there was only one left, hence the name "Lucky."
Needless to repeat, we were overjoyed when we saw that Lucky, the survivor chicken had layed her first egg!

Good chicken Lucky, good chicken!

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    Pat is a graduate of Southern Nazarene University with a degree in Theology & Ministry and Equine Business. He has worked as a pastor, ranch hand, and a veterinary technician. His current occupation is Route Sales Representative for Schwan's Home Services.




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