Easter is always my favorite time of year, but I am relieved it is over!
Being a pastor adds a whole other dimension to the equation as there are loads of activities to plan and perform.
That is the Kiamichi River, the guy in the blue shirt and hat is me, and the other two are are my baptisim candidates that are about to be very wet and very cold! Baptism concluded our church Easter celebration. After four services in four days, an Easter egg hunt, and two baptisms, I was ready to go home and rest.
We were blessed to have some family come in for the holiday as well!
There is a very proud Grandpa Richard holding Mattie in her Easter dress!
This is Grandma Betty giving Mattie a big chocolate bunny. I think she might need a little help taking care of that one, wonder who could help?
Here we have Aunt Kim and 2 1/2 year old Cousin Jonah breaking into a box of (could it really be???) Peeps! My Brother Rick, Kim and Jonah came down Easter morning to spend the day with us. It was really good to have them there!
The fellow on the left is my brother Rick. Even though I was half asleep I mustered the energy to put out Easter Eggs for Jonah to hunt.
Lucky, our Rhode Island Red Hen, was quite confused by the colorful eggs strewn about the front yard haphazardly.
You can almost hear her saying, "what on earth layed this?"
Of course I have to add a picture of my beautiful wife holding our beautiful daughter in their Easter dresses. I am so lucky!
After all the excitement, Mattie & I both passed out on the couch. Ten minutes later I sauntered down the hall to my bed and stayed there the rest of the day. Of course, all of the fun and all the good activities came witha price. Monday brought a tremendous migrane with it, but that was a small price for a great Easter 2010!

    About Pat Ward

    Pat is a graduate of Southern Nazarene University with a degree in Theology & Ministry and Equine Business. He has worked as a pastor, ranch hand, and a veterinary technician. His current occupation is Route Sales Representative for Schwan's Home Services.




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